Cox, Dealertrack Acquisition to Close in October

Cox, Dealertrack Acquisition to Close in October

September 24, 2015 — Despite four extensions of Cox Automotive’s all cash tender offer for Dealertrack, the companies announced today that the deal is now expected to close in October.

Executives originally projected the $4.2 billion acquisition would close by the end of the third quarter, but a sale of Dealertrack’s Inventory+ to Dealersocket last month due to rumored Department of Justice concerns of a potential monopoly with Cox’s vAuto, has helped prolong the deal.

Furthermore, the tender offer has been extended four times since the proposed deal was announced in June of this year. In a tender offer, the acquiring company solicits the target firm’s shareholders to tender their shares for certain price ($63.25 per share in this case) for a period of time. Once the period of time ends, both companies can agree to an extension.

For the acquisition to happen, a majority of the shares need to be tendered. To date, at least 39.5% of Dealertrack’s shares have been tendered, up from 36% on September 14, when the offer was extended for a third time.


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