Dave Boyle 2021 AUTOVATE

A nearly 30-year automotive career that began with Newgen and MPI, Dave today is the CEO and President of Tire Profiles LLC.

Tire Profiles and its TraXtion product line is the automotive industry’s leading supplier of tire tread depth and wheel alignment diagnostic and selling tools. Tire profiles helps auto dealers and repair shops sell more tires, wheel alignments and other “around the wheel” repairs, by providing software, equipment and processes that create a sound repeatable process.

Vehicle quality and design has led to the reduction of needed maintenance and repairs. Wear items such as tires, brakes and batteries are quickly becoming the only things left for shops to recommend and sell. Increasing the penetration of tire sales has become an essential element for dealers and repair shop to be profitable and grow as well as retain their customers beyond warranty.

The TraXtion solution and process takes the inconsistently of the human element out of the measurement portion of the process, giving our customers more opportunity to recommend and sell tires and all the other things associated with them. The TraXtion digital consumer report engages the vehicle owner in the purchase decision of tires and alignments like never before. Sold around the world, Tire Profiles has thousands of customers who are seeing huge increases in tire and alignment sales as a result of the TraXtion solution.