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Ranger’s Return?

August 28, 2015 — In December, we speculated about the possibility that Ford would resurrect the Ranger, its compact truck, in the U.S. market. Earlier this week, sources leaked to the Detroit News that Ford indeed is considering bringing the Ranger along with the Bronco back to the U.S.

The move likely is part of the ongoing UAW negotiations to keep the Wayne, MI assembly plant open in 2018 when production of the Focus and the C-Max are moved to Mexico. Turning the plant into a production facility for Ranger and Bronco probably makes sense.

Meanwhile, as we wrote in December, strong sales of Chevrolet’s Colorado and GMC’s Canyon might be the catalyst to push Ford into making the move. The compact truck segment is growing, although it still is only 2.1% of the overall truck market (according to, who is cited in the Detroit News article).

Below is what we wrote about the Ranger’s possible return (Midsize Truck Segment Gets Hot):

Ford’s Ranger currently is sold in 100 other countries and does well. It last sold in the U.S. as a new vehicle in 2012. The likelihood of Ford bringing the Ranger in its current form back to the U.S. is slim to none. It’s too big and would compete with the F-150. Instead, if Ford decides it needs to get back into the smaller truck arena in the U.S., look for it to be with a smaller truck than the current midsize models offered by GM, Nissan and Toyota. But it could take three to four years of development before one is ready for the U.S., unless Ford makes a surprise announcement later next year revealing it’s already been working on a replacement.

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