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Scary News for Dealers from the Cyber War Front

October 2, 2015 — As the automotive industry moves at breakneck speed into the connected car era, making cyber security a leading challenge, dealerships are often left out of the conversation.

TBR wrote in December 2014 an analysis of how dealerships were going to become a key battlefront in defending against cyber attacks.

One of the scenarios we wrote about involved hackers using service diagnostic tools to download viruses affecting thousands — if not millions of vehicles.

It’s here. Last week, security consultant Craig Smith presented at a hacker conference in Kentucky how it was possible to hack into a service repair diagnostic tool to upload a dangerous code that could then be spread to other vehicles. He used a device that cost him $20 to build. (Read more about his presentation in an article in Wired Magazine — Car Hack Technique Used to Spread Malware). 

Make no mistake, this is going to become one of the leading issues facing dealerships over the next few years.

It’s time the industry includes dealerships and the automotive retail sector in the conversation ass it finds ways to defend against cyber attacks.

Another interesting take (and a must read) on the subject is Jim Ziegler’s brilliant column in F&I and Showroom magazine last month: 500 Car Pileup.

You’ve been warned….



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