Kia Expands AI Shopping Tool With New Chatbot

Kia Expands AI Shopping Tool With New Chatbot

November 21, 2017 —  Kia Motors introduced “Kian” this week, an extension of its chatbot NiroBot, which launched last year during the Super Bowl.

Kian is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant designed to help shoppers wade through the data stacks of information in the car buying process – from pricing, payments, special offers, vehicle images, competition, inventory and finding dealers.

Kia partnered with CarLabs and Ansible to create Kian, which is currently available on Kia’s Facebook Messenger page and will soon be on the website. Kian’s interactive abilities, natural language processing functionality, and access to millions of vehicle data points enable it to ask and respond to shoppers’ questions, but shoppers will still have the option of connecting with a live customer representative.  — Alison Miley

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