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Update – Round One to Authenticom in Antitrust Lawsuit

May 22, 2017 — The court today denied motions filed by CDK Global and Reynolds and Reynolds on Friday afternoon requesting dismissal of Authenticom’s request for a preliminary injunction hearing in the antitrust lawsuit it recently filed.

Both defendants cited Authenticom’s nearly two-year delay in filing the lawsuit and request for the preliminary injunction. They also cited the more than 2,000 pages of materials Authenticom submitted last week as part of the suit.

CDK called the move “gamemanship” while Reynolds informed the court that it plans to file one or more counterclaims against Authenticom no later than July 3 for its ongoing tortious interference with Reynolds’ contractual relationships with its dealers.

Judge James Peterson expressed sympathy for the defendants due to the fact Authenticom’s filing is “huge, even though it complies with the court’s rules.”

But he says the defendants failed to provide any alternatives other than simply dismissing the injunction.
The preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for June 26 and 27.

Stay tuned to TBR for ongoing updates in the case.

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