Dealership of the Future Already Here

Dealership of the Future Already Here

November 1, 2014 — A dealership in Great Britain is going to try to sell cars without any salespeople. You read that right — no sales people. The dealership provides iPads located throughout the store for customers to use to complete the entire transaction online, including the financing.

The dealership does have “product angels” available to help customers if they get stuck.

James Baggott, the founder and editor of Car Dealer magazine, a trade book for dealers in the United Kingdom, wrote an in-depth story last week detailing the store’s efforts — it’s a good read. Baggott has put together a strong magazine across the pond.

Hyundai_Rockar_Views_4The dealership sells Hyundai’s in the Bluewater shopping district located in Stone, Kent, England — about 18 miles southeast of London. It’s the brainchild of Simon Dixon, the owner of the Rockar store and founder of Dixon Motor Holdings.

One question is whether customers will come into the store, get the price and then use the price to shop other dealerships.

While some may believe automotive retail’s future here in the U.S. is one without sales people — already, there are owners and managers looking at similar models — it will be some time, if ever, that dealerships without salespeople will be the norm.

Meanwhile, check out our report from last March on Coming Changes to Automotive Retail. 

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