TBR Weekly Top 10 – Sept. 18

TBR Weekly Top 10 – Sept. 18

September 18, 2015 — Why you need corporate security; Changes in car buying; Preparing for normalization; Why you’ll never buy a driverless vehicle; OEMs slack approach to cyber security; Co-op money – what’s it good for? Hyundai’s future dealership.

The TBR Weekly Top 10 is our list of what we believe are the week’s must-read stories from various sources on the web. The stories that are thought-provoking, informative and provide different perspectives. Let us know what you think…

  1. How Car Buying is Going to Change –– from Boston.com. Some interesting ideas on how dealers can offer more true online buying capabilities on their websites. 
  2. Why You’ll Never Buy an Autonomous Vehicle — from LinkedIn Pulse. A fresh perspective (it’s a two part series) from industry consultant Steve Stauning on self-driving vehicles.
  3. Nobody in the Auto Industry is Prepared for the Future — from Forbes.com. An intriguing look at how disruptive the future will be for the entire automotive and transportation industry.
  4. Exoneration Comes Hard — from the DetroitNews.com. A hard look from columnist Daniel Howes at the real cost of GM’s ignition scandal.
  5. Automakers’ Lax Approach to Cyber Security — from Reuters.com. A compelling case why OEMs need to get their heads out of the sand. While you’re at it, check out our report from December 30 on why dealers will play an increasingly more critical role in cyber security.
  6. A Lot of Money Spent on Co-op – Why?— from AutoRemarketing.com. A recent study shows where OEMs and dealers are missing huge opportunities with Co-op ad budgets.
  7. Hyundai’s Store of the Future a Success — from Reuters.com. We wrote in November about Hyundai’s dealership in England that was moving to online sales.
  8. Carlos Ghosn Jumps on Consolidation Bandwagon — from WardsAuto.com. Renault-Nissan’s CEO says industry consolidation is inevitable, but declines to speculate what it will look like.
  9. Corporate Security, Why You Need It — from DigitalDealer.com. The stories are scary but are rarely reported. Security expert Tom Murphy explains why dealers need to consider corporate security initiatives.
  10. Preparing for Normalization — from DrivingSales.com. Jon Lancaster, former dealer and current investor, talks about what the future looks like and what dealers need to do to prepare.

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